Our Curriculum

As a “Reggio”-inspired preschool, The Language Grove believes that education is a process, brought on by children’s interactions with their immediate world. It is through playing in this world that each child is encouraged and stimulated to explore, to experiment and to discover, using their own unique learning style and interests.

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Our Philosophy

At the Language Grove, we believe in the child's own ability to guide their learning and as educators aim to support their curiosity and exploration.
We do not approach learning from a traditional approach, but rather aim to support their curiosity and exploration. Working in our outdoor environment and connecting with nature is at the heart of our curriculum. Our approach is one that embraces the principals of community and family because we believe that a strong bridge between home and school environment leads to effective learning. We embrace the entire family and welcome participation from mom, dad, grandparents, siblings and extended relations.

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Meet Our Founder

Ms. Yessy Beltrán
School Founder-Director, Master of Arts (MA) 25 STUDENTS

Hello Everyone. It is a great please to have created The Language Grove Community Preschool. The creation of this beautiful school was born from the fact that as a mother I was unable to find a preschool for my then 2 year old daughter, Isabel, where I felt our needs as student and parent could be met. Isabel has been my inspiration for the formation of this school, from the philosophy to the design of the classrooms, the nature component, and the environment as a whole.
My extensive background in Early Childhood Education has allowed me to create an environment for young children to learn and be supported during their formative early years.

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Some Words from Parents

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